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Valley Settlement

Primary Care Area: Child Development

Secondary Care Area: Community Resource

Contact: Karla Reyes


1901 Grand Ave Suite #206
Glenwood Springs , CO 81601

Mailing Address: 1901 Grand Ave Suite #206

Counties Served: Garfield | pitkin | west eagle

Languages Served: English | spanish


Preescolar El Busesito | Karla Reyes | 9703793663

Family Support Team | Kenia Pinela | 9709630851

Lifelong Learning | Marlin Gonzalez | 9709630851

Parent Mentor | Marlin Gonzalez | 9709630851

Learning with Love | Diana Gonzalez | 9709630851

Alma | Kenia Pinela | 9709630851

Family, Friends and Neighbors | Kenia Pinela | 9709630851

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What We Do...

Valley Settlement staff and participants work together in six 2Gen programs that strengthen parenting skills, promote school readiness, build protective factors, advance leadership skills, and bolster maternal mental health. In all that we do, we center the voices, experiences, and perspectives of the Latina/o community we work with. This approach is intentionally embedded in our program development and management, our organizational practices, and how we work in and with the community.