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Coaching Agencies

Coaching agencies work closely with programs and professionals on a variety of initiatives.  For more information about coaching, challenging behaviors and family supports, contact the agency in your county.


Early Childhood Partners (ECP)

Mission:  To support families and early learning environments so that every child can thrive

Early Childhood Partners is a nonprofit organization serving the Eagle River Valley.  We provide Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, a Family Resource Center (Family Connect), coaching and consultation to support child care providers, individualized support for children and families experiencing challenging behavior or any other need, evidenced based parenting classes in English and Spanish, developmental screenings, the Family Leadership Training Institute, and the Healthy Families America home visitation program.  If you care for a young child, and are in need of support for any reason, please contact us today.

Contact Information:

Julia Kozusko, Executive Director

Liz Costaldo, Program Director


Early Childhood Network (ECN)
The Early Childhood Network is a non-profit organization that promotes the availability of quality, affordable early childhood education, and provides access to childcare information and resources for Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle counties.  Our purpose is to offer individual quality-improvement coaching and assessment to childcare center staff and in-home providers, and to provide families with free referrals to licensed childcare facilities while educating them on the importance of understanding quality childcare indicators.

Contact Information:

Kelly Esch, Executive Director


Kids First (KF)
Kids First is an early childhood resource center that supports quality, affordable childcare choices in Aspen, Pitkin County, CO. We can help you choose childcare, see if you qualify for help to pay for childcare, and provide information about community supports for young children, their families and the early childhood education programs that care for them. Thanks to a dedicated sales tax in the City of Aspen, we are able to help families pay for childcare, improve quality and support infant and toddler care in childcare programs. Kids First also provides health consulting and mental health consulting in early childhood classrooms.

Contact Information:

Megan Monaghan, Co-Manager