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Colorado Shines

What is Colorado Shines?

Colorado Shines Quality Rating Information System (QRIS) is a method to assess, enhance and communicate the level of quality in early education and care for all licensed providers in Colorado. This system provides standardized criteria for all child care providers in Colorado to be rated for quality, and provides incentives and supports to providers that wish to raise the level of quality care available at their facility.

Licensed child care programs serving children prior to kindergarten entry will be required to participate in the Colorado Shines system that will rate the quality of care they provide. All licensed programs will have the opportunity to market their business on the Colorado Shines website.  See the CSQI resources below.


Welcome to Colorado Shines!
This is a link to the public webpage where families, providers and professionals can find information about individual programs, access information and resources about Colorado Shines and more.  This page also has the link to access the Provider Hub where programs can login to access both QRIS and PDIS.

Colorado Shines for Families
Why does quality child care matter?
How does Colorado Shines work?
What can families do?

Colorado Shines for Programs
Programs!  Don’t forget to download the most up-to-date version of the QIJ packet.  Find it on this page under Program Supports.

Colorado Shines Program Guide
Information on providing quality care
Information on child care licensing
Many other helpful resources

Professional Development Information System (PDIS) login

OEC Credential Information

Colorado Shines Program Supports

The Quality Improvement Journey Packet (QIJ)
Webinar Length: ~5 minutes
-This packet has many resources that will help you along your Colorado Shines journey:FY24 QIJ FINAL Rev.12-18-23 (1)
– For a brief recorded overview of the QIJ, click HERE .

Quality Improvement Plans & Resources
Webinar Length: ~8 minutes
– Learn best practice on how to utilize the Quality Improvement Plan in your QRIS portal for all of your programs goals as well as some resources we have that will make navigating the QIP easier!
– Click HERE to view the webinar.

How to Enter/Update your QIP
Webinar length: ~3 minutes
– This video explains how to enter/update your QIP in QRIS.
– Click HERE to view the webinar.


CSQI Capital Improvement Funding

Overview: Licensed, eligible programs who have an allowable project can apply for a maximum of $7,500 each year.  Funds are on a reimbursement basis only.  The project must be fully completed and any funds needed over the grant award will have to be paid by the provider to the contractor before the Council can reimburse for the grant.

Once the Council has determined you have an allowable project, a Google folder will be set up for your program.  You will have access to all of the necessary documents and you will upload your application and documents to the google folder.


  • Licensed homes and centers in good standing
  • Program must have an accepted TSQI MOU for the current fiscal year
  • Program is a level 2 or higher
  • Has an active CCCAP agreement.
  • Has active infant and/or toddler enrollment

Capital Improvement Checklist:

Application-Checklist-Rev 8-2023

If you are interested in applying, please contact Kristin Sparkman, Quality Initiatives Coordinator, to discuss your project.  Click HERE to schedule a meeting or call 719-293-2378.

Colorado Shines Spending

Spending QI Dollars in EcConnect
Webinar Lengths: ~9 minutes each

How to place a QI Request in EcConnect: Marketplace Vendor
How to Place a QI Request in EcConnect: Preferred Vendor

ecConnect Order Form: ecConnect Order Form
This form can help you organize your materials orders particularly when using a one or more preferred vendors.

Reimbursements (NEW-updated 3/2023)

We know reimbursements can get tricky, so we have developed a worksheet and short video to show you how to complete a reimbursement in 4 easy steps!

  • Step 1: Get Coach and Council APPROVAL
  • Step 2: Get a general idea how much the reimbursement will be using the Reimbursement Worksheet!
  • Step 3: Gather Documents: Proof of Payment, Updated W-9, and this reimbursement worksheet
  • Step 4: Email your documents to:
    A reimbursement check cannot be processed until ALL documentation has be received.

Click HERE to watch a 5-minute video on how to submit a reimbursement in 4-simple steps.

REIMBURSEMENT WRKST– Use this worksheet to get a general idea of how much your reimbursement will be. This will help Council staff to understand exactly what we are reimbursing!

W-9 Template– Fill out, sign and date. This form should be filled out by whoever needs to be paid.  We only need page 1 of this form.  The check will be made out to the name on the W-9 and should tie to name on the checking account it will be deposited into.  Additionally, please use your mailing address.