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LENA Grow!

Unique data insights coupled with practice-based professional development.

LENA Grow delivers a single, straightforward, proven solution to boosting language development, supporting social-emotional development, increasing teacher satisfaction, and focusing on family engagement.

That solution: Giving early childhood educators the tools they need to improve language environments equitably and to truly connect with each and every child in their care.


In just five weeks of LENA Grow (or two stackable five-week sequences), educators renew the energy, dedication, and pride with which they approach the profession, appreciating more than ever just how critical a role they play in children’s lives.

The coaching and feedback loop leads to an increase in interaction and a heightened sense of connectedness with the children. In turn, the children gain all the short- and long-term benefits associated with increased conversational turns. That’s according to a rapidly growing body of peer-reviewed research and independent evaluations.

The Educator’s perspective

LENA Grow motivates early childhood educators to become active participants in their own professional development — both for their own future and that of the children in their care. Our survey results indicate that the program helps teachers increase self-efficacy and job satisfaction. Explore a LENA Grow Demo to see how the program works!

“I believed that I was being vocal with the children daily, but the data gave a spotlight on how to scaffold conversations into taking more back-and-forth turns and being more child-initiated. I was excited to see how setting and meeting weekly goals can have an immediate impact on my learning environment. It was an eye-opening experience.”

— Brigitte Willis, Director of A Better Day Christian Learning Center in Grovetown, Ga.