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35 Early Childhood Councils cover all 64 counties in Colorado!

Because of this comprehensive coverage, Councils are able to support early childhood efforts targeting many of the children and families in our state.  According to state legislation (HB 07-1062), Early Childhood Councils were established “for the purpose of developing and ultimately implementing a comprehensive system of early childhood services to ensure the school readiness of children five years of age or younger in the community.”

Colorado is one of many states across the nation striving to link early learning, health, mental health, family support, and parent education so families and children can experience a predictable, high-quality continuum of services and supports. Called “systems-building” work, these efforts also work to align state and local level policies across programs, funding streams, and regulatory agencies.

Currently, early childhood programs and services exist across the Rural Resort Region in various agencies and organizations. These are critical components to the comprehensive system, and many agencies and organizations make significant contributions to local planning. The Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Council has designed our strategic plan to address the whole system of early childhood, and complement the goals the state has identified. The goals and outcomes from the state can be viewed in the published Early Learning & Development Guidelines from the Colorado Office of Early Childhood.

Resources for New and Current Council Members:

There are several guiding documents we use for strategic planning, developing workplans and evaluating projects and initiatives.  Our Strategic Plan and those documents are attached here for reference.

RMECC Strategic Plan-FY21-26

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The Early Childhood Colorado Framework

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Early Learning and Development Guidelines

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RMECC Bylaws

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