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September 5, 2023 (Video)  Diseño Science X: Tres principios para mejorar los resultados para los niños

Moving forward as a society depends on children developing to their full potential, and the science of early childhood development can help us figure out the best ways to make this happen. In this video, learn about three “science by design” principles we’ve identified that community leaders, policymakers, and practitioners can use as a guiding star for designing better programs, practices, and services for children and families—ones that will help them thrive. Learn more about the Science X Design principles—and how to apply them—at…

September 21, 2023 (Newspaper Article) RMECC director, Stacy Petty , mentioned on Herald Democrat

Childcare fund proposed to county commissioners,

[Stacy Petty], the director of the Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Council and a participant in the coalition, said that while many parents opt to send their children to unlicensed providers, there are many benefits to choosing one with a license. “Anyone who’s licensed has been background checked and fingerprinted, so there’s a level of safety there,” [Petty] said. “When you’re working with a licensed care provider, they have met some educational
requirements as well.”

October 3, 2023 (Article) Colorado’s universal preschool program now allows walk-in enrollment – Chalkbeat Colorado

The state changed its rules in late September, allowing preschool providers to enroll ‘walk-ins’ more quickly than before.