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ABA Services of Colorado

Primary Care Area: Child Development

Secondary Care Area: Health & Well Being

Contact: Meredith Loscialpo


1317 Grand Ave. #101
Glenwood Springs , CO 81601

Mailing Address: 1309 Oak Way Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Counties Served: Garfield

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What We Do...

ABA Services of Colorado takes a compassionate and data-driven approach to intentional applied behavior analysis. We offer clinic-based behavior therapy for clients 2 through 26, as well as diagnostic testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADD/ADHD. ABA Services of Colorado works closely with parents, schools, and other service providers to create dynamic, fun, and effective therapy. Our clinic-based services focus on the reduction of problematic behaviors and provide your child with replacement skills and programs. Skill acquisition includes adaptive behavior, academics, communication, daily living skills, social skills, and more. Your child’s ABA therapy team meets weekly to review progress and adjust goals, to deliver effective therapy for lasting change.